The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto


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If you came on the East coast of Canada, it is without a doubt the best of all the luxury hotels to spend a good time: a 5 star hotel centrally located, nice, with a spacious room and details that other 5 stars are leaving for. Precisely those details are often what make a difference to others:

Two bathrobes in the room, no need to ask for another, very good, though a tad short if you’re too high, slippers, alarm clock with speaker and charger Iphone Bose, a small TV in the bathroom mirror, mirror with light and increases, lots of towels, bath and shower separated, as well as the toilet.

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At the reception we will find various nice details to hang out always with pleasure, coffee in the morning, sweets and iced tea by the afternoon, as well as an efficient and friendly staff that will make our stay in some of those days we remember forever.

The hotel is beautiful, excellent service, perfect location to go to the Convention Center. The bars on the first floor are super chic.

At the Ritz Carlton in Toronto, people attending guests are very warm and attentive, they will make you experience the city as never before, enjoying the urban landscape, demanding climate, order and cleaning, the art and science of a vibrant society like no other.


181 Wellington Street West, Toronto, Ontario M5V 3G7, Canada