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12 may

We inaugurate a new section on our site, dedicated to the mansions and luxury houses in different countries, navigating through all continents. Today we’ll talk about USA and will broadly review the recent history.

United States luxury mansions are still on the rise. Since the second world war, United States households have become increasingly larger. In 2010, the average size of a single-family house was 2.392 square meters. That is approximately 45% larger than homes built in 1973, and nearly twice the size than houses built in the early 1950’s.

While middle-class Americans have been increasing the size of their homes in recent years, also the richest in the country have done so. Starting from the 1990s, the billionaire Ira Rennert, John Kluge and Michael Dell began to erect monstrous palaces covering tens of thousands of square meters.

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Even in the recent economic crisis, although millions of owners have had problems with the burden of their homes, the richest of the world have continued with the purchase of some of the large villas of luxury in the country: of course, the system always helps those who have more power.

Some of the most gigantic market homes were built by the developers of real estate speculation. They discovered a niche market consisting of millionaires and billionaires home buyers, these builders were backed with millions of dollars from banks – in the majority of cases before the economic crisis – and were at work on designs of dreams which have been sold to large fortunes in love of these magnificent luxury mansions.









One of these properties is a $60 million holiday house in Indian Creek Village, Florida built by Shlomi Alejandro de Bal Bay, the mansion has 2.787 square meters of living space, including a colour-therapy spa, a recording studio, a room for relaxation and a garage for 7 vehicles. “I didn’t want it to feel like a House, I wanted it to feel like a great resort”, explains Oren Alexander.


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